Thursday, October 25, 2012

Equator Time.

Sorry for the lack of updates. My phone doesn't do mobile posts anymore... But now you know where I am! Back in the Northern Hemisphere!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lake Malawi

This is now the third time I've written this blog update, so hopefully this actually gets uploaded this time. Silly African Internet...

We had a great two weeks in Malawi - week and a half on the Lake. We spent time in Cape Maclear on the south side of the lake, and Nkhata Bay on the north. We kayaked, snorkeled, scuba'd, and obviously swam. A lot. It reminded me a lot of a tropical Lake Superior, and coincidentally, both lakes are in the top 10 biggest lakes in the world!

I love Malawi. It's cheap, delicious food - lots of beans for those of us who don't eat fish. The camping was cheap, the beer was cheap, everything was cheap. It was a nice break from the touristy spots of South Africa and Victoria Falls and where we're off to next... Zanzibar. We have been moving around with the same group of people lately. Meeting people in Blantyre and seeing them off and on again along the lake, we're currently traveling with some new British friends to Zanzibar. We ran into someone we met in Victoria Falls, and will see some more in Zanzibar. Africa is a HUGE continent, I don't fully understand how it can be so small, but it's nice to meet new people and hang out with them for a while.

Like I said, we're on our way to Zanzibar now. After a crazy day of boarder crossing to get into Tanzania (full of broken down buses and bus ranks at midnight) we finally got to, and then out of, Mbeya and are currently in Dar Es Salaam. It's a crazy African city. It reminds me a lot of Maputo, just bigger. Crazy drivers, kind of dirty, people of all ethnicities. I love it so far.

Tomorrow we're headed to Zanzibar, another one of the milestones of this trip. One month left in Africa! Crazy to think my time here is ending. It's been so great to see so many different parts of this continent that most people don't get to see. But I am excited to be getting on to Europe, to get home. We've been sleeping in beds for the past three nights. It's amazing. I can't wait until I can do it every night. That's all for now, time to explore Dar!

Lots of Love!