Sunday, August 7, 2011

One Down, One to Go...

Well July came and went, and with it went my first year in the Swaz. We came last June and will leave next August, making this the mid way mark. So many things are happening to remind us that our time here is dwindling. Our new group of volunteers has finished their training and will be sworn in on Tuesday. It is so weird, thinking about this time last year, how long ago and yet not so long ago it all seems. Most of the group that came the year before us has left already too. Peace Corps Swaziland is us and Group 7, and it is so hard to see them all go. But I am very excited to get to know the new volunteers as well as we knew our old ones, and can't wait to meet up with G7 state side. We're also beginning our Mid-Service Medical exams, and all that entails. Basically, three days in town paid for with my friends. And also, my first dental appointment in over a year. Should be a treat.

The year mark also brings lots of work at site, as people finally realize that you're here to stay and want to help. I am looking forward to getting back to my hut and back into my community after running around at training with the new group and getting stuff going again. I am in the middle of a large project with our primary school. They are trying to build a library for the students and are trying to do it by the end of the school year, aka December 3rd. We are not allowed to use Peace Corps funds to build buildings, with good reason, so my school found alternative places for funding and I have been helping them with the writing of the application. The organization has come out to do site surveying and taking pictures, so fingers crossed we get it up and going soon! And with the thrid term comes the Peace Corps Swaziland Books for Africa Library Project, bringing 30,000 books to schools in Swaziland, helping as well to set up these libraries and library systems, training librarians, etc. I hope to get my High School and Primary School involved, and if they are accepted, I will be needing some of your help. Many of you asked how you can help with my projects and soon you will have your chance... stay tuned! ; )

But for now, I have all this time and free internet in town and lots to do, including kindle book shopping, facebook stalking and online shopping.

Hope everyone is doing well at home!!