Friday, December 16, 2011

Books for Swaziland

Hello Hello everyone!

The time has come and I need your help!

My school, and 29 others around the country, are looking to start libraries at the schools for the children. We are trying to get 1,000 books for each school and need your help to make this possible! The schools contribute half the amount of the project, our country post contributes a portion, but we still need your help to contribute the rest!!

Here is a description of the project:

Books for Swaziland is a project designed to establish new libraries or enhance existing school library facilities in rural Swazi communities. Each location will receive roughly 1,000 books, donated by Books for Africa, a US-based organization. The $9,800 raised by American donors will be used to cover the cost of shipping the books from America to the local community. Each location receiving books will raise funds (about $200 per location, totaling about $6,000 community monetary contribution) to cover the cost of transporting these materials from one community to the other. The money will also be used to organize a workshop in coordination with the National Library Service to properly train the counterparts who will be working in the libraries. This community monetary contribution represents 37 percent of the project cost.

Participating locations have agreed to provide a clean, secure room containing book shelves, a teacher to manage the library, and a written plan explaining how they will use the library to promote literacy. These contributions in conjunction with the funds raised in each location represent nearly 50 percent of the project cost.

Through this project, the libraries will help educate and empower the next generation of Swazi students. Each newly established library in this project will remain open for an estimated 10 years, reaching over 60,000 students during this time. This figure represents more than six percent of the country's total population. Through this project, Volunteers and their communities will be providing tangible benefits for the next generation of Swazi children.

Please, please, please help us! Pass it along, let everyone know!!

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Thank you so much!!