Friday, May 21, 2010

one month and counting...

Hello World!

Well incase you don't know, I am leaving for Swaziland on June 22nd for 27 months with the Peace Corps! : D I will be a Community Health HIV/AIDS educator - perfect for my future careers in the Public Health realm. If you don't know where Swaziland is, Google it and learn all about my future home!

Creating a blog makes this feel so official now... "I'm leaving for Swaziland in a month, so let me tell you my interesting stories from across the world!" : ) Well I hope I don't disappoint! I hope I will be able to update as often as possible and I hope my posts are interesting enough to keep you reading.

I am very excited to go shopping with my mom tomorrow for solar chargers and backpacks and Chacos and such!! I've been Google-ing past and present Swaziland-Peace Corps blogs like a mad woman these past few weeks, so I hope I have a pretty good idea of what to bring, and what to just have shipped to me later.

Ta-Ta for now, and don't forget to come to my Going Away Party on June 20th!

Love, Megan

PS: I seem to be a big fan of smiley faces and exclamation points! ; )